Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Don't Always Need an Umbrella

No, I'm not going to sing Rihanna's song here. I just want to share this beautiful inspirational thought from Ms. Deanna Beisser, author of What Will Tomorrow Bring?

We will never be able to predict the future.
Whatever happens today belongs to today,
and we all live in the moments that we are given.
What happens tomorrow will be tomorrow's reality,
and we all must wait to see how it becomes today.
The main thing to keep in mind
as you travel through life is that
tomorrow could either be a sunny day
or a wet and rainy day,
but if you carry an umbrella with you
everywhere you go,
chances are that
you will be looking for clouds
(maybe even squinting to see them)
while missing out on blue skies

Take your chances on getting wet every now and then.

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