Friday, March 6, 2009

Straight Talk

Hi blog visitors,

Are you struggling with same sex attraction like me? Do you know somebody who is but doesn't know where to turn for help? Are you or someone you know seem like a little confused of your gender identity?

Write me a short story at and we'll try to be of help. Nobody has to struggle with this alone. All letters will be treated with utmost confidentiality and author's permission is always sought before we publish his/her story in our Courage blog .

Thanks and hope to hear from you all soon.


Mitchell said...

I'm not sure why I am on this site, but I want to encourage you to keep trusting God. I am not gay and I am not Catholic, but I am struggling with sexual sin. A very good friend of mine in college was gay and I know what struggles he went through. I remember the first time he told me and asked me if I would as a friend support him through his struggles. Also, I have recently viewed some homosexual pornography and seem to be attracted to seeing other guys act out sexual acts for some reason. So, I guess I'm just saying that I want you to know that what you are doing is a good thing and that you are not alone in your struggles.

GoingStraight said...

Hi Mitchell,

Thank you for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts.

I'm quite curious though as to your statement. You said you're not gay, but you recently viewed homosexual porn and seem to be attracted to it.

That's one of the areas of my struggle too. At this point, I want to recommend a blog that I am following that you might find helpful. Please visit:

This blog focuses mainly on sexual purity and the porn addiction. Im sure you will find it useful.

Anonymous said...

Naturgesetz: Catholic and Homosexual

I accept the teachings of the Catholic Church on homosexuality, and I hope to help people understand what those teachings are and are not. I offer my story and my views for purposes of discussion among people of faith and people of good will. I hope to be thought-provoking, respectful, and illuminating and so to be helpful to you on your way.

Addiction Treatment Guy said...

I am glad I stumbled upon your blog since it reminds me of my time living in the west where the culture is so strongly influenced by the Christian church.

I live in Asia now where it is predominately Buddhist. You can see the difference daily, since homosexuality is accepted and society does not really frown or it or condemn it. Strangely enough I would say the average gay person in Thailand is a lot happier then in the USA. Nobody judges them and they get on with their business and go about their lives.

GoingStraight said...

@ Addiction Treatment Guy

The gay life may seem 'exciting and full of fun' to you but we all know it's just all a facade. Deep inside a gay man's heart he longs for something greater - something that his lifestyle cannot give, and that is being at peace with yourself. I may be struggling with SSA but I don't make it my 'identity', because my truest identity lies on Him who created me and not any struggles I am currently going through. There I find peace and comfort that the world cannot give me.

Addiction Treatment Guy said...

Dear GoingStraight,

I am straight as an arrow, never had a gay relationship, have a wife of ten years and a son. Other then in passing thinking a good-looking man was good-looking. Not being turned on by him just maybe a pang of jealousy when I look at myself and see I am overweight.

However I will say to you, most everyone has gay or lesbian thoughts at some point in there lives, and most everyone considers their sexuality and wonders about it. What you are going through is a normal part of being a person. I can tell you, it is our choices that determine who we are and what kind of person, not our thoughts.

My point about Asia was not about the gay lifestyle being exciting. It was about it being accepted and lesbians and gays not being condemned because of it.

I grew up in redneck Canada, where if someone was openly gay they would of probably gotten daily beatings because of it.

So what I am saying is the average person here here in Thailand gives very little though about it. They accept someone else's choices and mind their own business.

Addiction Treatment Guy said...

I just wanted to add, I just noticed you are in the Philippines. I should change my wording to "peoples lifestyle choices are generally more accepted in "Non-Catholic based Asia"

GoingStraight said...

@ Addiction Treatment Guy

Thank you for your comments.

I'm well over past the age where you can consider homosexual attractions to be "normal and passing". The same-sex attraction has been there over the years and it's something I definitely never wanted for myself.

Being same-sex attracted may not be my fault, but acting on it IS. As to discrimination against gays, there is such a thing as just versus unjust discrimination. Obviously, I'm against unjust discrimination. This is rather a lengthy topic to discuss here. I hope I can expound on this more a little bit in the future.

I do not personally believe that a person's identity should be defined by what he or she struggles with. My identity originates from God because He is the one who created me in His image and likeness. That is my true identity; all other self-labels are my false self, my false identity.

I must admit that having SSA is a cross, but everyone has a cross. Everyone has some sort of temptation that he or she struggles with and ours is not totally different.

What would spell the difference in the end is your attitude towards this cross. Will I still strive to be faithful to God despite my struggles? Or will I just live my life the way I want it apart from Him? In the end, it's still a choice and I'm confident that if I choose God, even if it's difficult, I'm treading the right path.