Friday, July 4, 2008

Codename: Shaider

While youtubing the other night I found this very nice music video of Shaider, the Space Sheriff, who was played by Japanese actor Hiroshi Tsuburaya along with his female space sheriff sidekick Naomi Morinaga. In the Philippine version they are better known as Alexis and Annie (still remember this pretty lass with yellow/brown miniskirt?) Do you still remember Fuuma Lei-ar and his minions with their Fuuma dance? Babaylan Ida, I learned lately, was a transvestite. All the while I thought she was a woman! gosh! I think the final episode of Shaider is on youtube again. This was deleted months ago for copyright infringement so to those who did not watch the ending go check it out.

I'm sure people my age can relate to this stuff. When I was in grade school I imitated this space sheriff very much - kicking and punching some of my classmates during our recess and exchanging playcards. But instead of calling me 'Shaider', they labeled me as "SHYder." Too bad the lead actor of this metal hero series died in 2001 apparently of some liver disease and Annie had since appeared in some smutty magazine and softcore porn. Its local remake, Zaido, was a far far cry from the original. I didn't watch that thing because it was done in such poor taste! Can you imagine remaking a sci-fi action flick like this one into some sort of melodramatic telenovela complete with love teams and all that crap!? (Grrr!)

But for old time's sake, here is the music video of one of my favorite Japanese metal heroes - Shaider ang Pulis Pangkalawakan.

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