Saturday, July 19, 2008

Experience in Eternity

Experience in Eternity is a book I highly recommend to anyone who seeks to deepen their understanding of end times theology (eschatology). It is not the usual book detailing the topics in highly theological manner, but is a narration of events to come based on the accounts of a visionary (Fanny Moisseieva) who was granted by God the privilege to see and witness the events that are to take place in the future and also the realities of universal judgment, purgatory, hell, and heaven. I know these are not pleasant topics to discuss, but nevertheless inescapable realities taught to us by our faith. We often read in the Scriptures the teachings about heaven and hell, but do we have a visual idea of what heaven and hell really look like? The book has some of the answers.

If you don't have a copy of the book yet you can read the contents online though it's quite lengthy. On a personal level the book has deepened my understanding about the faith and it is my desire that others may experience the same. You can buy the book at your nearest St. Paul's store for P100 or so. If you wish to obtain a soft copy of this book in word format please do e-mail me. The book is not meant to frighten us as one might think, but on the other hand aims to deepen our faith and hope in Him. God granted this special grace to Fanny M. so that eternal existence might be known and appreciated by all. Below is an outline of the contents of the book:


I. About the Authoress
II. Preface from the Authoress
III. My Brief Experience in Eternity and What I Saw

Part I: Life of the Soul after the Death of the Body
1. Satan rebelled against God
2. Sinners always fear death
3. A true scientist is never an atheist
4. Sufferings allowed by God

Part II: My Visions of the Coming Universal Judgment
1. Signs of approaching universal judgment
2. The world immediately before the judgment
3. Resurrection of the dead
4. Christ announced the judgment
5. Intercession by the Virgin Mary and the Saints

Part III: Among The Stars

Part IV: Hell
1. How demons torment sinners in Hell
2. Annual celebration of demons in commemoration of Satan’s revolt against God
3. Satan announced special torments for some great sinners
4. Satan described how he would send the Anti-Christ
5. What does Purgatory look like?

Part V: The Resplendent Paradise
1. Planets of the souls of other religions
2. Planets of the souls of the Just (Christians who died with Sanctifying Grace)
3. The place where the mother of the Authoress dwells
4. Planets of the Saints
5. The Authoress entered Heaven
6. Intercession of the Blessed Virgin for the Living

VI: Conclusion

Declaration: “In compliance with the Decrees of the Holy See, particularly of the Congregation of Worship, we declare that what is expressed in the present publication needs no other assent than that which deserves a reliable human witness and that, by no means, do we intend to preclude the judgment of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.”

Nihil Obstat: 10-04-2002 Imprimatur: 10-05-2002
Rev. Msgr. J.C. Abriol Rev. Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB
Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Manila Provincial

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