Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Derma 101

Last week I had the opportunity to try diamond peel at one of the popular skin clinics in a mall. The cost? P500. I just want to experience the "feel" of it and I've been quite curious about this thing for some time. As the name suggests, diamond peel peels off the outermost layer of your skin called the epidermis in order to generate formation of new skin cells and to exfoliate dead skin. I just tried it once but they say you need to undergo many sessions for you to achieve a "smooth" complexion. Unfortunately, that sounds like a lot of money too - all in the name of vanity.

During my derma visit, the dermatologist gave me a diagnosis I was not aware of for many years. I mean I know it's there but I don't know what it is called and I've never visited a dermatologist's clinic until now. She told me I have syringoma. I quickly surfed the net to get more information about this skin disease. In a nutshell, syringoma is a benign lesion commonly found around the eyes (periorbital) that is due to hyperactive secretions of sebaceous glands. It is not painful nor is it particularly bothersome, but it can be aesthetically unappealing. I asked the dermatologist what is the best treatment for this skin lesion and she told me that what they can offer is to electrocauterize the lesions (sounds painful). And the cost? estimates run at around 8K more or less. (whaaat?) All that money without any guarantee of nonrecurrence or less scar formation thereafter. Actually, that electrocautery thing literally electrocutes the lesion - whether it's a wart, nevus, etc., at one application but there is the problem of scar formation post treatment and so I'm on the lookout for better alternatives.

After hours of searching the net and thinking about my predicament, I came across a website about a "noninvasive, nonsurgical, no-fuss, and painless" way to remove unwanted skin lesions. Guess what I'm talking about? It's called a cashew cream. Have you heard of RCC Amazing Touch? I'm sure you have seen this in SM Malls. This cashew cream was a product of the creative imagination of a former barber turned Pinoy inventor by the name of Rolando dela Cruz. This guy's cashew cream formulation has already reaped many awards and recognitions both here and abroad. This is your best option if you hate to go "under the knife" and so I made up my mind to try this. I went to SM San Lazaro and inquired. Oh by the way this is not a skin clinic where you can buy the product and apply it to yourself. The application of this product must be supervised by a trained skin therapist and the procedure is done inside their clinics. The moment of truth - the procedure will cost me around 5K including aftercare products and all. It's relatively cheaper than the electrocautery procedure but still quite expensive for me. The thing here is if you need a repeat application of procedure, that will cost you around 4K more or less. Ouch.

Until one day, my angel whispered to my ear that there is a similar less commercialized skin clinic offering the same service and I wasted no time to check it out. The name of this obscure skin clinic is called Herbal Solutions with branches in Farmer's Plaza in Cubao, Araneta Square in Caloocan, and one branch somewhere in Alabang. True enough it is way cheaper - only around P3K all inclusive of three follow-up sessions and aftercare products! That's a huge savings for me and so I wasted no time and grabbed the opportunity. The procedure took around 30 to 45 minutes. It is true. The procedure is "noninvasive, nonsurgical, and no-fuss" but it was painful! I was in terrible excruciating pain all those time, but I was able to keep myself composed though (grace under pain). It's like being stung by bees, hornets, and wasps, but that's a sure sign that the product is working. Apparently, cashew contains a very powerful ingredient that is capable of providing natural cauterization without the scar after. Yes, there will be scabbing in those areas of the skin treated, but this will fall off naturally after several days without leaving any trace. All that pain is worth it. Right now I have scabs under my eyes, but I can see that something has changed in the texture of my skin around my eyes. It's working little by little and I have no regrets whatsoever.

If you are considering or thinking about having a mole or wart removed from your body, try the nonsurgical noninvasive approach using topical applications of cashew cream. This is both practical and economical. After I complete the healing process I am actually planning to have two moles on my face removed using this procedure and this time it will be much less painful because the lesion is not scattered.

Go natural.


Barbie said...

hi! do you have a contact number for herbal solutions? Thanks

GoingStraight said...

I dont remember their number anymore, but you can try to Google them. I think they still have shops in malls.