Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Tale of the Cracked Pot

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A water-bearer carries two large pots on a yoke across his shoulders up the hill from the river to his master's house each day. One has a crack and leaks half its water out each day before arriving at the house. The other pot is perfect and always delivered a full portion of water after the long walk from the river.

Finally, after years of arriving half-empty and feeling guilty, the cracked pot apologized to the water-bearer. It was miserable. "I'm sorry that I couldn't accomplish what the perfect pot did."

The water-bearer says, "What do you have to apologize for? "After all this time, I still only deliver half my load of water. I make more work for you because of my flaw."

The man smiled and told the pot. "Take note of all the lovely flowers growing on the side of the path where I carried you. The flowers grew so lovely because of the water you leaked. There are no flowers on the perfect pot's side."

We all have cracks in our lives, some big and others small. Those "cracks" are not totally useless after all. We have to think how we can turn our flaws to something beautiful like the beautiful flowers that the cracked pot nourished. We can all be better one day at a time. We just need to make a decision not to be discouraged by our faults but rather look into the wonderful and nice things we have and make the most of it.

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Tey said...

it's great to compare this in reality of life but the cross the we carry might be heavier that this. Thanks for the visit my friend
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