Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm sure you've stumbled upon one of these business establishments and you get amused by their witty names. I was listening over to an FM station this morning and the DJs were talking about these eye-catching, memory-enhancing stores and shops that make for an instant brand recall. Here are some of them:

Alabank - a rural bank in Alabang.
Anita Bakery - breadshop
ATM - Automatic Tubig Machine
AristoBACK - a grocery store at the back of Aristocrat Restaurant
Bread Pitt - bakery store
Block Ice Peas - sells ice.
Caintacky Fried Chicken - restaurant in Cainta, Rizal
Chicago Balls - fishball stand
ChikBoy Ka - sells chicken, baboy, and baka
Cinna Von - laundryshop
Cleopata's - sells crispy pata
Common Cents Store - a sari-sari store
Crispy Per Minute - sells crispy pata
Elizabeth Tailoring - garment shop
Fagoofyt - children hair salon
Felix the Cut - hair salon
Goldirocks - gravel and sand shop
Googol - internet shop
H.U. Kayin - deep well drilling services
Hair We Go - hair salon
Jane's Pondahan - pillow case shop?
Marimart - supermarket
Maruya Carey - Makati fastfood place
Mayon Vulcanizing shop
Petal Attraction - flower shop
Rest In A Box - funeral parlor (this one is my favorite! hehe)
Washing Well- laundryshop

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