Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life Is a Beach

I had a wonderful weekend getaway last week. It was Bro. D's despedida for us somewhere in Batangas. (sorry but I'm really not that good in remembering places). On our way to Batangas, we had nice bonding moments even while still in the car courtesy of Bro. B. We talked about almost anything - personal and not so personal stuff, Ai-Ai de las Alas' funny scene in Tanging Ina, KC Concepcion's 8 million peso Bayo advertisement, Michael V's funny spoofs on Bubble Gang, showbiz hunks (oops!), TV shows we all grew up with, the bold and daring stars of bygone era (courtesy of Bro. B and Bro. J who lived in that epoch), the smooth well-paved road we took going to Batangas, future plans, etc., etc.

Upon arriving at the first beach resort (Abaksa beach resort - hey peeps take note of this beach resort), the guard had a quizzical look on his face. "May babae po ba kayong kasama"? "Wala po, manong." we replied. The guard then just walked a few meters away to talk to someone. We were all surprised at his question too. It turned out that the owner of the beach does not accept an "all-male" visitors - strange isn't it? We just laughed at this incident. Now, that's what you call discrimination. If only that guard knew the truth about us...hehehe.

Anyway, we ended up going to Leonor Beach Resort. It's a black sand beach resort with nice amenities and cottages except for the comfort rooms. They have a swimming pool too. We had a short videoke session while in the beach and it was great! The water was great and so was the food. I observed that the best time to hit the beach is during late afternoon, when the sun is setting on the horizon with cool afternoon breeze and great waves. It was a fun-filled day for all of us, and of course there were some "great sights" to behold that I would rather not talk about (huh!). Why is it that temptations always follow me? - that's all I can say.

We spent the night in Bro. D's house - great food and sing-all-you can videoke bonding moments. The next day we went to Taal Basilica of St. Martin de Tours to attend a Sunday mass. It was one of the oldest stone church I guess in the Philippines. The church facade gives you that "old church" feel because it has not been painted and renovated save for the cross on top of the church. It still has that elevated pulpit inside where the colonial Spanish priests used to preach. There is one such pulpit in San Agustin church in Intramuros, Manila. We also went to a smaller church named Our Lady of Caysasay which is just minutes away from the Taal Basilica. It's my first time to visit both churches and I'm glad I did. There is just so much to know about our history and culture beyond what our history textbooks narrate. It's a different thing to experience and see them firsthand. Good thing we had Bro. R take pictures for us.

I just want to thank the brothers who came. I did not regret taking time off work that day to be with you guys. Thanks to Bro. B for driving us all the way to and from Batangas and for playing the Jed Madela CD on our way back - singing galore in the car!, Bro. J for our short talk/sharing while being tossed by the waves, Bro. D. for accommodating us in his home and the great food, and Bro. R. for painstakingly organizing this summer getaway and for taking photos of us. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to know you more guys. I look forward to being with you again some other time. After all, life is a beach.

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