Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunday Sermons

Download the Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers of the Church in advance courtesy of Fr. Odon de Castro. It is on the right lower corner section of the webpage.

It is a great way to gain insight of the weekly Sunday Gospel explained in the light of the teachings of the Church Fathers and the Saints. Personally, I really appreciate this kind of sermon. It's what you and I should hear every Sunday, just like the preachings of the pre-Vatican I priests. Fortunately, we still have those kind of preachers around but they are very few. It is the kind of sermon that will engage your intellect and leave you something to think about. On the other hand, I don't think it is wrong for the preacher or priest to inject some humor during his homily (just don't do it the way a standup comedian does) or his audience might drift away to the emptiness of space. I know this is very challenging to the priests and I symphatize with them especially because our generation has very short attention span, and most people today are in danger of making their brains mere vestigial organs because of misuse and nonuse.

Now, here is my own sermon - It is important for truth to be fully understood first before we can make an intellectual assent of the truths revealed which presupposes the theological virtue of faith. By doing so our free will is illumined and guided by the "thinking" intellect to always do the right thing, thus we reach the other theological virtues - namely hope and then charity - which is the greatest of all the virtues and which we should all aspire to attain. It always boils down to love - love of God first and the rest follows.

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