Friday, August 8, 2008


Lucky Date: Wedding Frenzy on 08/08/08 .

What's gonna happen on 08/08/08 at exactly the eighth hour eighth minute and eighth second in the evening? What else but the most anticipated Beijing Olympics 2008. I don't care much about the Olympics really but I'm just quite fascinated with the 08-08-08. I know it's a lucky day for the Chinese and it seems Filipinos too are jumping in hoping to get some kind of luck. it a good day to get married? to propose? to open a business? to apply for a job? How about betting in the lottery? But the pot money should be P88 million - no less.

(Did you notice the time I posted this blog? That's 8:08 in the morning and that means I'm gonna be lucky the rest of the year! haha! Good luck to the Pinoy athletes. Let the games begin!)

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