Friday, August 15, 2008

Gay Bloggers React

Gosh, I've been busy here during the week. Just got more work to do here but hopefully I can still blog on a regular basis. Early this week I sent this e-mail to a very popular gay blogger in order to solicit their ideas about ex-gay groups like Courage. The week before that I was able to listen to a group of gay guys on a podcast posted on his blog. It was about homosexuality and religion and their personal experiences (or conflicts/dilemma) about reconciling the two. My other motive of course is to inform them that the Catholic Church in particular is reaching out to people with SSA through Courage. Here is the full content of my e-mail addressed to Famous Gay Blogger:

Dear ____

I want to give my reaction to your podcast entitled Homosexuality and Religion. I am a person struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA) but I don’t consider myself gay in the sense that I’m not into the gay lifestyle now. I may have been before but that was a totally different story. And oh yes I still struggle with chastity issues right now and that’s how real it can get.
I just want to reiterate that the Catholic Church does not condemn me or you for being “gay”. In fact, the Catholic Church has an apostolate catering to people with SSA and it is called Courage. You can visit for more details. And yes I am a member of that organization.

Our group is a support group and we help each other live a chaste life. We don’t claim that sooner or later we will all become heterosexuals, etc. Nothing of that sort. Instead, we are responding to God’s call to live a life of chastity and that means for many of us turning away from the gay lifestyle and confronting our deepest issues as courageously as we can be.
Honestly that is the most difficult part for us - renouncing our sinful ways and letting the Lord take control. It’s hard and it’s real. It’s not easy but it is possible.

I must admit too that some priests and religious are not well aware of our condition and we’re doing something to educate them and all people concerned regarding the nature of homosexuality. During the podcast I realized that many had this perception that the Church is persecuting gay people and the result is either they break away from the Catholic Church or just become nominal Catholics. This is a sad reality.

I hope you can give space for this brief e-mail of mine in your popular blog. Although I can see that you’re very much into the gay lifestyle now, I on my part would like to know your personal views about dealing with ex-gay ministries like ours. Maybe you may want to take a look on the “other side” and let’s see what happens next. I hope to get your side and your readers as well regarding this issue. Thank you.

God loves us all,

Days later I visited Famous Gay Blogger's popular site and he posted it there and with a bonus - not only did I read comments posted by his readers but also the podcasters themselves. I suppose these guys are quite popular too and I am posting their comments here in their entirety in the name of responsible blogging.

Gay Blogger #1 - "I'd rather hop-skip-and jump!"

So this is an organization of gays who want to remain in the Church and therefore will toe the Church’s chastity and celibacy line. (Good god, nosebleed and pimples galore!) Seriously, it’s one way to go about it. It’s an option, a route that a gay individual can choose to take. So good luck to those who take it; may their lives be meaningful to them. As for me, if that’s the road less traveled then I’d rather hop-skip-and-jump along the yellow brick road in my shiny, shimmering splendid shoes

Gay Blogger #2: "At hinimay ni Bakla"

I am having difficulty reconciling his statements. So I will ask some questions based on his email:
1) For GS, is same-sex attraction different from homosexuality?
2) What exactly is a gay “lifestyle” (if there really is such a thing)?
3)His email address and name states “Going Straight” but he does not consider himself gay. So what is he exactly and how does this reconcile with “we don’t claim that sooner or later we will all become heterosexuals”?
4) So if the Catholic Church is not condemning anyone for being gay (from 2358 of the official Catechism of the Catholic Church, this is stated about homosexuals: “They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”), why are they condemning “homosexual acts” as in the case of that bishop who said that homosexuality should be blamed for the Cebu Canister Scandal victim’s issue? Same goes with the lesbians (Leah Vader and her partner) in the United States who were sent a letter by their parish priest telling them that they are not allowed communion anymore?
5) Is it just me or does his statement, “Although I can see that you’re very much into the gay lifestyle now “sound too judgmental?

Also, he mentioned that during the podcast many broke away from the Church as a result of persecution of being gay. May I reiterate that the reason why I, and many others out there, broke away from this church (and religion in general) not because of this perceived persecution but because of issues with principles and morality being forced and hammered onto us.

Gay blogger #3: - "Whatevurr!"

I will just echo what we have been saying all along. Whatever makes you happy. If going celibate brings you the inner peace that you are looking for then by all means go ahead and go for it (just don’t get all preachy to me and give me the same token of respect and respect my option not to go a similar path).

Gay blogger #4: "What is the essence of being gay? - Miss U"

Dear Going Straight,

I can feel your sincerity in struggling against, renouncing what you call “our sinful ways” and letting God take control. I am impressed with your strength of will and I can only wish you the best in the process. And as long as your choices and struggles help make you a better, greater person — someone who cares more, loves more, gives more, contributes more, and at the end of the day, still smiles more — I will give you my utmost and well-deserved respect

To be continued...

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