Thursday, August 7, 2008

You're Hired!

Two days ago I headed towards Citibank Tower in Makati to take a job exam. Prior to this I attended a job fair held in Trinoma. I was fortunate enough to be selected to take the exam and it's not surprising at all because the job I was applying for is what I have been doing for the past four years or so. I took the exam for about half an hour and headed home to do my homebased job and to my surprise the company called me that afternoon and told me to come back on August 11 for the job offer. Wow, it came just like that. The company I'm applying for is technically not a call center because I will not be calling anyone on the other side of the planet nor will I receive calls. It's pure transcription work and yet the people inside the company were spokening dollars with a British twang. Even the guard cum receptionist speaks the Queen's language! I wonder if the janitress does too. Oh well.

So why does I not sound very excited at all? I don't know really. There is some kind of reluctance on my part to work outside the comforts of home again. I've been home-bound chair-bound for more than a year now. The thought of waking up very early in the morning, donning your office clothes, making your way through the early morning rush, getting inside a jampacked LRT, walking towards the building, punching your card in the bundy clock, seeing the same faces day in and day out, (cute guys are an exception to this hehe) etc. make me quite anxious again. I hate the pollution, the shifting schedule, the cubicle. But I need the money, the benefits, and uhm... perks if there are any. I've been through this before and now I'm into it again. It seems I have to hold my overseas plans for the moment and settle for local employment.

If you think working at home is paradise, well not at all. Yes, I save on transportation, food, clothing (I work at home with boxers and sando). That's a great thing especially during these hard times. But as I have mentioned in my previous post, there is the nuissance of sudden power failure, internet connection glitches, malfunctioning computer, viruses, etc. Here at home I'm no boss. Mom or dad can call me to buy toyo or suka outside anytime. There is no such thing as busy here.

What will become of my homebased work? I guess I can still do it part time. I want a full-time work and a part-time gig to catch up with the rising costs of basic necessities. Eventually, I hope I can find a way to earn passive income online from I don't know where but I'm seriously looking into it. Financial gurus call it "multiple income streams". It's still a dream for me but I know it's very much possible. You may want to read Bo Sanchez' article about that.


AG said...

Well, my friend, I guess I have to say CONGRATS!!!

If you already made the decision, I guess it's ok. It seems God is bringing you toward this direction. Just follow through and don't be frightened for what it comes... things will get better, but yes, you may need to sacrifice certain things in order to get others.

God bless!

GoingStraight said...

Thanks AG! I just hope this thing will work out.