Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Work Issues

Near Hire

I know it's crazy. After going through the process of application, initial exams, and orientation, and some realizations later, I made up my mind not to push through with my training in Makati. I don't know about you but the thought of working in Makati has lost its allure to me. I don't mind missing the sights of towering skyscrapers, workers in business suits and corporate attires, and people rushing here and there. The mere thought of traveling to Makati - riding one jeep/bus plus LRT/MRT and another jeep is already a turn-off. The most that I can accommodate is just two rides. Period. Somehow I prefer to work somewhere closer to home still. The trainor called me up this afternoon to inquire why I didn't bother to inform them. I just apologized and told her that I went to this agency to submit an overseas job application, blah...blah... In short I changed my mind and no regrets for me. Haaay... I can't believe it that I can still afford to turn down job offers considering the number of jobless people around. At the back of my mind, the thought of landing the "perfect job" still lurks and makes me quite selective. I just hope I won't reach a point where I have applied to all my prospective employers out there and ended up getting nowhere, (cringe!) kinda like being too "pihikan" and ending up still single in your 40s or 50s (double cringe!).

Not Qualified??

This morning I went to the agency to apply for a job somewhere in the Middle East (definitely not Saudi Arabia - I just hate that country!). Yesterday, (oh, I met Bro. M and Bro. J incidentally inside a fastfood restaurant - they were looking for an apartment somewhere. Good luck.) I went there but it was closed because of the holidays (darn holiday! - these so-called minor holidays should be totally abolished. It's totally counterproductive and with people having no money to spend don't expect that these minor holidays can boost our domestic tourism! More likely than not these people would just troop to the malls and watch a movie coz that's the cheapest form of decent entertainment that is still affordable today.) As I approached the lady receptionist, she inquired about the position I was applying for and I replied politely. She asked me my current work experience and as soon as I mentioned that I'm working home-based, her facial reaction gradually turned sour. She asked me when was my last job "outside" of our house and I told her that I last worked outside in 2006 somewhere in QC. She let me wait for a little while and apparently asked somebody about my case. Later on, the moment of truth. I am not "qualified" for the job because they require that I be employed by a company and sitting inside a cubicle somewhere or at least 7 months unemployed from a prior employer. And so all the while that Im working my butt at home - this is not counted as a work experience? Halleeer! The only difference between me and a dude working inside a cubicle is that I don't wear company ID (obvious ba?). Simply because I work at home does not mean that I'm less productive (less competent) than an office worker or that I do easy jobs that a high school student can do. Not only did the agency outrightly dismissed me based on that thing, they never even bothered to ask or look at my resume to see my qualifications. Neither did they bother to ask if I had a medical background and proper training in the job I was applying for. They did not check my credentials and my entire work history - they just probably focused on the fact that I'm presently just doing some home-based work and thought that maybe I'm not good enough to work in a hospital environment. (Excuse me, pakibaba nga ng kilay ko!)

Delayed Salary -- Again.

Because I was pissed off this morning, I was not in the mood to do my work and the fact that my salary is delayed again made me all the more "mad" and crazy today. Thankfully, this issue was resolved later in the day and I was reassured that I would get my payment in a day or two. Whew! Thank heavens.

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