Friday, November 28, 2008


It's Thanksgiving Holiday today in the US. That means no work (read: no income) for me today. You see I work in the BPO industry. We do not necessarily follow the local holidays here in the Philippines and today is one such holiday that is uniquely American. I wonder if the American people in general feel like being thankful today considering the economic situation in the US.

On the other hand, don't you wish we have the same here? Well, I know we already have more than enough fiestas and holidays throughout the year, but what is nice about Thanksgiving is the idea behind the celebration - that is, to be thankful and grateful for everything, even if we're in for the not so good times. Personally, how I wish I can develop this "attitude of gratitude" in whatever situation I might find myself to be in. You see, being grateful when things aren't going my way is not second nature to me. I'm guilty of complaining and comparing myself to others. Indeed it is easy to feel grateful when things are going your way. But when challenging situations confront you, what should you do?

Maybe we can view it in a more positive light and that there is still something good that can come out of it. When you don't feel like being grateful, look around you and observe. You might realize that despite your situation, you're still better off compared to others. I say this so that we may realize how blessed we are still and this should make us realize that grumbling won't make things better. Perhaps, difficult times challenge us to take actions we've never taken before. It may be upsetting but try to dig deeper into the situation. Whatever situation we might find ourselves to be in, we must learn to be thankful. Isn't it that the happiest people around are those who are grateful, simple, and cheerful? Isn't it true that happiness can be found in life's simple pleasures?

Now, that's something to be hopeful about and maybe from now on we can practice to be a little grateful for things both big and not so big.

Happy Thanksgiving!


JALI said...

hi there, landed on your blog, as i browsed on most of it, i stopped at this post ^^, i totally agree with you, mahirap sa mga pinoy ang maging thankful. most of us (not all) but most do not know how to be thankful.

i would also like to develop this attitude.

but i'm thinking, if i would adapt this holiday in my life, i would have it on my birthday. i guess it'll be the best time to celebrate be thankful.

jali here^^ happy holidays!

GoingStraight said...

Thanks for the comment!

God bless.