Tuesday, May 27, 2008

14 Ways to Shock Your Boss

Here are 14 Ways to Shock Your Boss which I copied word for word while sitting inside a recruitment agency waiting for my friend to get interviewed for some serious "stuff". I showed this list to my friend who just resigned from his work. His comment? - 14 ways to make "sipsip" to your boss. Haha!

1. Show up to work early.
This means you should wake up as early as 5 in the morning to beat the morning traffic and long queues in LRT and MRT stations.

2. Take the initiative to ask questions.
When will I get a raise?

3. Ask for advice, use it, then thank your boss.
Hey sir, how about allowing us to use cellphones inside the cubicle? We'll just put it in a silent mode so nobody will get disturbed.

4. Speak well of your boss behind his or her back.
Hey, you look good in your barong suit matched with jeans and sneakers.

5. When necessary, willingly stay late to finish an important project.
You need to do this some times - having to sleep inside your office that is.

6. Do more than your share of work.
Who told you homeworks are just for students?

7. Be willing to work odd shifts.
10 pm to 7 am? Yeah sure!

8. Every morning, come prepared to work hard.
Oh, I thought I'm working the odd shifts. Now, you're confusing me.

9. Continue to grow professionally.
More seminars, team-building activities, out of town business trips - now this one is fun - at the company's expense.

10. Read whatever you can about your field.
This should give me license to browse the internet at work. You don't expect me to "read" books do you?

11. Suggest new ideas that will save the company time and money.
Please don't take home office supplies for your kids' school needs - that's a lot of savings!

12. Stick around - don't always look for greener pastures.
Huh? Are you kidding me? Isn't job hopping part of professional "growth"?

13. Pray for your boss.
Who among you prays for your boss, raise your hand please.

14. Invite your boss to church.
This one is the most shocking of all the list I suppose. Good heavens! Hallelujah!

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