Wednesday, May 21, 2008

He Cares...Do You?

He Cares Foundation is a charitable org dedicated to helping the plight of poor streetchildren by providing basic needs, healthcare, education, and even livelihood programs. With the coming school year drawing near, the foundation is seeking more volunteer tutors who can lend their time and talents in teaching reading, basic English, and Math to the kids. Here's the e-mail I got from them.

Before the school year starts, please consider volunteering as a tutor!

It's okay if you can't be there always, just try it once and it will already make a HUGE difference!

The sponsored He Cares students cannot succeed in school without the dedicated volunteer tutors we have had through the years. Many of these kids do not have the privileges and resources other children have. Volunteer as a child tutor today!

The tutoring session is only around 1 hour or so only but we need to relate to the kids first and make them feel at ease.

If you would like to volunteer with a group, simply reply to for updates and schedules or visit He Cares . We usually go on Saturday mornings from 10-12 noon.

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