Saturday, May 24, 2008

Going "Gaga" Over David Archuleta

Lately, I have been surfing cable channels trying to catch the popular American Idol showdown between the two Davids - David Archuleta the balladeer and David Cook the rocker. I'm really no big fan of this pop TV show. I know very little of past AI winners, but this season is different. It all began as I was hopping from one blog to the other when this innocent-looking dude caught my attention. Yes, it's David Archuleta. The 17-year-old dude got an angelic charm and a smooth voice to top it all. Immediately, I watched his performances via YouTube. Wow, the guy got looks, charm, talent, and attitude. Great guy and he is cute.

Although he did not win this season's top plum, he is still my favorite. In fact just now I'm fortunate enough to find a blogger who I think is also a huge fan of David Archuleta. and I copied a list of songs from his blog (Thanks Terrence!) and placed an MP3 widget on my blog for the listening pleasure of my blog visitors. Also included in the MP3 playlist are some of David Cook's songs. On the other hand, David Cook deserves to win though. He's also a great performer, very talented rocker, and mature though a little cocky at times. He's very handsome too. Enjoy the music and have a great weekend!


Acne Treatment said...

I like both David,they have done a great performance.

GoingStraight said...

Hi acne treatment!

Thanks for dropping by. =)