Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Will Your Life Be a Success Story?

I just want to share a positive thought from the book What Will Tomorrow Bring? by Deanna Beisser entitled Will Your Life Be a Success Story? Read on.

I think failure is giving up before you finish. It's having a chance and not taking it. It's telling yourself you can't do it before you even try.

I think failure is not utilizing all your potential and then claiming that you really don't have what it takes. It's selling yourself short and accepting that. It's believing in an outcome before it has happened. It is justifying giving up before you have even tried. Failure comes in all shapes and sizes. It is allowing someone or something to make your decisions for you.

One of the finest lessons in life that you will ever learn is that persistence and endurance are the best friends of success. They go everywhere that success goes. They even hold hands from time to time. They like the same places and they enjoy the same people. They really appreciate someone who is willing to work harder than they have to and who believes that they deserve to be recognized.

So if you are making friends with failure, then you must accept the fact that success won't want to travel around with you, because success likes people who are willing to be themselves and are not afraid of trying something new.

Success left a message
on your answering machine...
It said, "Call me back
as soon as you can."

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