Friday, May 9, 2008

Face It!

Let us face it. Most guys won't admit it. While many may not be very vocal about it, we like to have good clear skin too especially on our face. I know that comparing notes with other guys as to what beauty products one uses on his face can be so downright "unmanly" aside from the usual shaving essentials. They don't want to be branded as "vanidoso" or worse "bading" (huh!). But hey, time has changed. There are skin care products out in the market specifically for men. But since they are fewer compared to women's skin care products, we just sneak in and use our sister's or girlfriend's beauty supplies. Hah! very clever and cheap. This should not be since a man's skin is different from a woman's. We have tougher, coarser, and oilier skin.

Suggestion? Do you still remember the old Master Eskinol commercial with a punchline "Sikreto ng mga Gwapo" stuff? Well I just bought Master Facial Cleanser and Master Facial Scrub lately. I confess I'm guilty of using my sister's POND's facial wash, Godiva LicoWhite facial wash, and OLAY total effects cleanser from time to time. Talking about how vain can I get...

Normally, I use the facial scrub first and let it sit on my face for a few minutes and then rinse it off. It smells fresh and citrusy and there is the after-cool effect after washing my face. Then, using a piece of cotton, I use the facial cleanser for a more thorough and deep cleaning. Both products have whitening effects too and they don't dry my face. Use it twice a day. I guess I have to say goodbye to my sister's girly skin care products for good. The Master Facial Cleanser and Facial Scrub are affordable and readily available at any Watson's store.

Also, if you have more budget, you can try out Nivea's skin care line for men which obviously cost more but nevertheless effective as well. I'm yet to try those products some time.

Just a word of caution. Before using any products on your face, test it first by applying a small amount on your neck to see if you have itching or allergic reaction to it. Make sure too that the product you are using is dermatologically tested and approved.

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