Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Decision to Heal

Hey guys, I got this excerpt from an interview with Ansel Beluso by Ms. Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, editor of Kerygma magazine. I am amazed by the transformation that this person has gone through. He is now a husband and father of two kids. Wow, simply amazing! Watch his video at the right side of the panel.

Ever since his decision to reclaim his manhood more than six years ago, Ansel Beluso never again looked back to the rabidly active homosexual lifestyle he once led. In that colorfully gay world of show business, he started out as a movie reporter and, later, a writer-director-host of local television's top rating showbiz-oriented talk shows in the 80s and 90s. For five years, he totally uprooted himself from the biz and he poured himself into rebuilding his broken relationship with God in the bosom of Couples for Christ, a global family renewal community for which he worked as a full-time pastoral worker and missionary. Here are some of the insights that I picked up from his interview:

Interviewer: Many Christian homosexuals desire to change but, according to them, it is impossible. But cases such as yours provide hope and inspiration. How did you do it?

Ansel: I think the Christian homosexual should desire not change but healing. Change usually implies turning from homosexuality to heterosexuality, but healing means journeying from sinfulness to a life with God.

Interviewer: How does the process of transformation begin?

Ansel: The decision to step out of homosexuality must grow from a sincere desire to follow God founded on the belief that His way is not only the best way but the only way to reach one's potential and be genuinely happy. I mention this because there are those whose decision to give up the gay lifestyle is influenced by considerations other than true repentance. They usually end up more gay, more sinful and, therefore, more miserable than ever before.

Interviewer: Any last words?

Ansel: To the homosexuals who see nothing wrong with the lifestyle they pursue, I have only the highest respect for the choice and decision you have made with your life. I just hope you can also find it in you to similarly respect the choice and decision of those who seek a different path.To the Christian homosexuals desiring change, believe that God has sown in you the seed of renewal and restoration. There is hope. Believe you can do it by the grace of the Lord. And know that when you seek God with all your heart. He Himself will give you the grace to find Him.

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hi, this is ansel beluso. i am in the process of forming a support group for people with same sex attraction. i wonder if you'd be interested to join. if not, still, can i interest you in a cup of coffee for just tossing some thoughts and insights on things that are of mutual concern.
God bless,
btw, you may or may not publish this in your blog. :-)