Friday, April 4, 2008

Anne Rice: From Atheism to Catholicism

I was surprised to find out that Anne Rice, author of the Vampire Chronicles series, had converted from atheism to Catholicism. Back in college, I was a fan of Anne Rice's novels. I have read her books Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, etc.

Rice has nailed her vampire novels into a coffin for good."I will never write those kind of books again -- never," Rice said. She further said that her books about witches and dark angels "were reflections of a world that didn't include redemption."

"In 2002 I made up my mind that I would not write anything that wasn't for Christ," the former vampire novelist explained. Her latest book "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" tells the story of a young Jesus from his point of view: a 7-year-old boy who is discovering his powers and his identity.

In an interview about her conversion, Rice said "It was a personal conversion. After 38 years of being an atheist, faith came back to me. I had to stop writing about vampires, because they had been a metaphor for lost souls. Instead, I made up my mind to concentrate on Jesus Christ."

"Once you really convert, if you really are meaning this, then I think you can perceive the whole world as permeated by his divine providence," she says. "God is as much with the person who drowns in a boating accident as he is with the person who is saved."

Wow! Take that from a former vampire queen. I will try to feature more of her latest book here in the coming days. I'm amazed at how God's grace is at work here. Indeed, the real miracle is the one that takes place in the person's heart.

Her latest book Christ the Lord she says is dedicated to her gay son.

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