Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Healing Presence

I just want to share this Prayer for Healing of Addictions by Ms. Maribi M. Garcia. This little prayer booklet is available at your nearest St. Paul's bookstore for only ten bucks. For all those who are struggling with addictions I hope you can find time to say this prayer.

Lord Jesus, I come before You, calling on You in a very special way. I come before You trusting in Your power and great love for me. I come with expectant faith and hope that you will not forsake me in my prayer for healing as I am in bondage, enslaved by an addiction to (name the addiction) and I am in dire need of Your help. Please enter now into my heart and soul and touch all the areas in my life that need Your healing love, especially the root causes of my addiction. Heal all unresolved traumatic experiences from my past, fill with your Divine love all deprivations and needs that were not met during my significant developmental stages. Release me from all inherited destructive patterns in my family tree and bloodlines, and from my present environment that could be influencing or encouraging this addictive behavior. Cut off all links to all the sources and causes of my addiction. Lead me by the hand to all the right people who can help me in this healing process and deliver me from this addiction. Let Your Holy Spirit enter into my body, mind and spirit and be filled with Your love, peace, and joy. Let Your Spirit dwell within to strengthen and empower me to overcome this addiction completely, totally and permanently. In the name of the Most Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, with the intercession of Mary and all the angels and saints, I claim your victory in delivering me from this addiction and surrender to you my whole life. Amen.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Phil 4:13


brighter than the sun said...

Thank you for posting this prayer, GGGS. I'll grab some copies for AC. I recommend this prayer after the daily rosary or during our visits to the Blessed Sacrament. A very nice and powerful prayer.

Brother, kindly update the link to my blog. I'm a multiply person. I rarely use blogspot. haha www.brighterthanthesun.multiply.com
thanks. keep on posting.

GoingStraight said...

Hello there!

I already updated your link. I feel glad that the simple prayer I posted a few days ago will be of good use to you and your group. I bought that one in SM San Lazaro St. Paul Bookstore. There are other similar prayer booklets like that and it's only P10.

God bless you bro. Thanks for dropping by.