Friday, April 18, 2008

Who Is Afraid of the Homo?

A few days ago, I received an email in my yahoogroups regarding a gay agenda ad being propagated on the internet. The gay agenda was about raising consciousness on the topic of homophobia with a catchy slogan above saying that "sexual orientation is not a choice". I was alarmed and disgusted by the fact that this group is espousing their belief that being gay is predetermined at birth. I beg to disagree.

I have just finished reading the booklet entitled Same Sex Attraction: Catholic Teaching and Pastoral Practice by Fr. John F. Harvey, O.S.F.S. I would like to quote some relevant texts there pertaining to the above topic particularly on the factors contributing to the formation of the person with SSA (same sex attraction).

Factor#1: An inability of the child to identify with the gender of the same sex parent. It says here that a little boy needs to communicate and identify with his father and a little girl likewise with her mother. Personally, I believe this is one contributing factor to my having an SSA. I failed to establish a solid connection with my father because of so many compounding issues. For one, my father is very athletic in his youth and I am not. It could have been a great bonding moment between me and my father had I been like him in that aspect.

Factor#2: An overweaning relationship with the opposite-sex parent. Being somewhat distant from my father, I gravitated towards my mom especially during my schooldays because she was a gradeschool teacher.

Factor#3: An inability to identify with peers of the same sex during childhood and adolescence. I suggest you read my article "No Girlfriend Since Birth" why I failed to establish connection with my peers.

Factor#4: Emotional abuse (including neglect) or sexual trauma. There might have been some level of emotional abuse that I suffered as I was growing up but I am thankful I was shielded from experiencing any sort of sexual trauma or abuse from anybody. If so, that would have made things worse for me I believe.

Gay Since Birth?

Based on the above explanations, it can be deduced that the SSA condition is not something that begins at birth. Many factors can contribute to its development. The question of genetic factor has always been used by many unscrupulous gay activists in their desire to advance their homosexual agenda. But to date, the studies have been inconclusive and have not been replicated scientifically. Better luck next time.

I believe that much of the homophobia going around are largely brought about by the kind of lifestyle these people are living out rather than their sexual orientation per se. Fear arises because society at large does not understand the gay person. What we can do on this matter is to educate the public about the reality of homosexuality and that is what pro-chastity groups and ex-gay ministries have been doing for quite some time now. There is really nothing to fear as long as you do not give other people a reason to be scared of.

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Aldrin F.T. said...

Perhaps you mistake SSA for femininity in males. Cases like yours aside, it [SSA] does not ultimately derive from gender confusion.

Look beyond the western models of sexuality, you might be surprised how masculine SSAttraction and SSActivity are to other cultures.