Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not Ready Yet

I finally got a reply from Anonymous Guy, the one I featured in my earlier article entitled A Ray of Hope.


Thanks for this, really. I still have some reservations (as I told you), about meeting up. Ironic, though, because if this were a meeting of a "different" sort, I'd jump on the opportunity in an instant. This just tells me there's a lot more for me to work on.

Please bear with me, though. I did save your number, just so I can text you when I find the inspiration to.

Be well, bro, and God bless.

Perhaps, it is not yet his time. Maybe Anonymous Guy just had some realizations when he read the article I posted in an online forum site and it was not deep enough for him to make a 180 degree turn.

Did I not just post St. Augustine's prayer the other day? "Make me chaste O Lord, but not yet."

How true.

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