Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Maskman my Immortal

Growing up in the 80's, I was a huge fan of sentai like Maskman. I love their suits, their weapons, and their battle machines! The show got a rich plot with numerous subplots and characters that constantly evolve as each episode goes by. The stunts and action sequences were definitely amazing and realistic. I can still remember imitating these characters when I was a kid minus the transformation of course.

On the flip side I have a huge crush on Lenard/Kenta (Black Mask). He was this studly guy and "chickboy" type character. I also like Michael Joe/Takeru (Red Mask) as well. Kenta is lighthearted but tough. Takeru is the usual and ever dependable protector of his teammates. Both of them got good looks and appeal. This video is about their love interests, which I believe made Maskman not just an action-packed sentai flick.

This video is for all people who grew up in the 80's era and particularly to all Maskman fans. Enjoy watching the video.

Aura Mask!

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