Monday, April 28, 2008

Manhood Without Narcissism

I want to share a wonderful article about manhood. I believe this is something every man should embrace and especially for men with SSA. Please take time to read Manhood Without Narcissism and reflect. Here are some of my favorite passages in the article:

"We grow as men when we see our manhood as something we desire for the sake of others. When we desire manhood so that we can protect and defend, help and serve, provide safety and security for others, we will grow into men. And it is the practice of helping, protecting, and serving that develops our manhood."


Anonymous said...

Your blog sincerely disgusts me. I pray for the day in which you can embrace who you are instead of fighting it. Being a homosexual, masturbating, viewing porn, etc... none of these are "sins." I wish you would realize that. I wish you would open your mind and accept yourself. Why do you feel the need to reject your sexuality? Sexuality is a beautiful thing and I wholeheartedly believe that God loves everyone, despite who they are attracted to and how they indulge in sexual pleasure. It is part of being human.

GoingStraight said...

I appreciate your being frank my friend and thanks for dropping and reading my "disgusting" blog.

I'm a homosexual but not "gay" and I'm trying to live with it. With regard to the issue of masturbation, pornography, indulging in sexual acts, I beg to differ from your viewpoint. I strive to be chaste and stay true to my higher calling. I pray too that you can find it in yourself to respect people like me who choose to tread a different path.