Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Healing Touch

A week or so ago I posted this topic in a popular online forum. I want to know what other people think about it especially PLUs. In that forum, I asked them if they would entertain the possibility of going to a healing priest like Fr. Suarez to be "healed". The flurry of reactions that I got ranged from the objective and probing, the skeptical and questioning, and a few hostile and nasty ones. I selected a few of them. Read on.

Comment #1: It's stuff like this that really pisses me off. This is sheer stupidity, nincompoops! I think it's enough that the church condemns homosexuality and preaching that it is a sin. But to go an extra mile of moralizing people by insinuating that it is kind of a disease which can be cured or some sort of a possessed being being exorcised. It's just these damn moralists which **** up the world. live and let live.

Comment #2: Given the chance that I'd be "touched" (sorry for the lack of appropriate word) by Fr. Suarez, what I'd ask is for him to strengthen my resolve to do good things to others and strengthen my spirituality. I don't have any conflict with my sexuality, in fact, such acceptance allowed me to be in places where I'm needed. If I'd listen closely to my heart here's what it says.

It doesn't matter whether your gay or straight. So long as you're doing good things like what the creator intends you to do, you are assured of a spot in heaven.

Comment #3: Healing denotes sickness, malady, disease ...um.. dude.. last time I checked.. I don't think I'm sick.

Comment #4: I honestly think that its a great insult when people think that homosexuality is a sickness that needs to be cured.

Comment #5: I heavily doubt one can "cure" sexual attraction, scientifically speaking. It's a force of nature. It just goes its way. Many times, unnoticed.

Comment #6: This Fr Joey Faller, as well as this Fr Suarez, should be looked into by the scientific community. If they claim they can "cure" people of their current sexualities, they should offer concrete proof of the effectiveness of their methods and have them validated as 'safe to use'.

Comment #7: Coming frrom a purely non-orthodox Christian/Jewish/Islamic POV, why would we want to diminish/eliminate same-sex attraction in the first place? It's perfectly natural. It plays an important role in our species as much as opposite-sex attraction.And mind you, scientifically speaking, that same-sex attraction is not 'funneled' into a select group of humans but into almost everyone. It is not exactly experienced/perceived/received the same way across cultures, but it is there all the same.

So the question still remains. Will you give it a try? If given the chance, yeah why not?! If nothing happens, then it's okay. I've got nothing to lose. At least I won't go through life asking this question: What if...? It's now or never.

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Anonymous said...

first: the catholic church does not consider homosexuality (or more accurately same-sex attrraction or SSA) per se as sin. what's sinful is when a homosexual crosses the line that heterosexuals themselves aren't allowed to cross.

second: SSA is not a disease in the same way that leprosy is a disease. more accurately, it is some kind of sexual aberration or dysfunction that more and more psychologists recognize to be a failure of male modeling because of one or more rejection issues that person experienced at the formative age.

only nincompoops will try to brush things off like that, as though no empirical studies through the decades haven't come out of this. will you please open your eyes?

the gay community deserve the respect and love and all the rights they think they need, but it must also continue to search for the truth of the homosexual person's condition!